Integral tools to thrive beyond addiction.
Holistic Recovery is your source for information and education on the many paths & practices shown to support recovery from addictions and commonly related mental health challenges. We view recovery as a sacred journey from dark night of the soul to comprehensive big-picture well-being. We bring together all in one place: whatever is shown to help complement people‚Äôs growth, so that they can not just survive, but thrive!  Our hope is to empower you with any pieces helpful to interweave and create your own meaningful recovery tapestry & life masterpiece. Nourishing and balancing the parts, in elegant symphony, supercharges the Whole. To get you started here are the top 3 Keys to Holistic Recovery.
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Support Community
A longstanding recovery
superpower, specialized social support is shown to heal. Immerse yourself in a support group fellowship that fits you!
Professional Services
Whether formal treatment or supplemental services like sober living or coaching, there's a world of effective professional resources.
Integrative Practices
From stress management,
nutrition & movement, to the science of happiness, an expansive number of complementary tools are indicated in optimizing one's recovery.
Essential Elements:
Thrive Beyond Addiction
By Dr. Marty Lajoie, Psy.D.
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